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At BlueStreet Exotic Car Rentals we pride ourselves on going above and beyond for our customers.
We offer a vast array of cars including Ferrari, Lamborghini, Rolls Royce
& more while constantly adding new hot selections.


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Exotic Car Rentals in Miami

BluStreet Exotics is your go-to destination in Miami to treat yourself to a fun-filled exhilarating experience by spending time behind the wheel of an exotic car. When it is all about the drive, choose BluStreet and accelerate forward in style as you rent exotic cars in Miami for yourself or your business.

Exotic Car Rental Services

BluStreet provides the best exotic car rental services for both people and businesses

Corporate Exotic Car Rental

Make reservations for our exotic cars and luxury cars for your professional business and corporate events. We allow businesses to put decals on our exotic cars

Event Exotic Car Rental

We are the top supplier for exotic car rallies and events. If you are interested in showing up to see our exotic cars feel free to contact us for our favorites

Music Video Exotic Car Rental

Exotic car rental or luxury car rental for your next music video. Our exotic cars are perfect for media and filming purposes

Photoshoot Exotic Car Rental

Hire BlueStreet for your next exotic car photoshoot. We have over 15 years of experience in the entertainment and filming industry

Self Drive Exotic Car Rental

Exotic car rental for a weekend or even longer for a superior self drive rental experience, to drive around New York, New Jersey or anywhere in the US

Wedding Exotic Car Rental

We have provided over 15,000 successful weddings in the past 10 years for New York wedding luxury car rentals which makes us the most experienced company in the space

New York Exotic Car Rentals

Drive the wow factor and cause others to rubberneck as you roll in style.

BluStreet Exotics has an extensive and showstopping inventory of exotic car rentals available in New York.

Roll to your destination in an exotic car while experiencing the most luxury car amenities and features without maintenance, commitment, and purchasing investment.

BluStreet Exotics is the go-to destination for standout service for your exotic rental car needs. Experience the thrill of driving and arriving in the exotic car of your choice. Our stock includes Lamborghini, Ferrari, Rolls Royce, Corvette, BMW, McLaren, and more!

Whether it's business or pleasure, embrace an exhilarating driving experience as you enjoy the power behind the wheel of a magnificent exotic car.

Discover why our exotic car rental in New York is the top choice by discerning car rental customers. If you're ready for a spectacular breathtaking experience, trust us for your exotic car rental needs.

Luxury Yacht Rentals in New York

Don't leave it to the elite few to afford an exotic and luxury yacht. Instead, sail away and embrace extravagance on a yacht! Live a dream and relax like royalty as you cruise with our yacht rental for a week or day! Vacation with friends or family, host a bachelorette party, or celebrate a milestone, enjoy the sunshine and too many amenities to list as you make experience something new and memories on a yacht!

We have various sizes of impressive yachts to accommodate weddings, corporate events, retreats, and celebrations of all sizes. So voyage with us on the perfect size rental yacht for your occasion. Count on us to help you navigate as we provide stellar service with our yacht rental in NYC services for proms, birthdays, holidays, and more.

BlueStreet is a leader in providing exotic and luxury yacht rentals in NYC, Manhattan, Queens, and NJ. We provide some of the best first-class exotic yacht rentals available! Take advantage of an opportunity to provide your guests with a once-in-a-lifetime experience. So get in touch today and reserve your special dates today so you can indulge in luxury and let stress float away.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Get answers to questions from other exotic car rental customers

What is an exotic car rental?

We ooh and ahh at them when we see them on the road, in a commercial, photo, or movie. Now’s your chance to get in an exotic car and make any occasion better. An exotic car rental is an opportunity to live a dream, arrive in style, be a big shot behind the wheel of a luxury, performance, or exotic car that most of us only dream of driving or owning. 

When you need to make a statement with something exciting and flashy, get behind the wheel with our exotic car rentals from BluStreet exotics. If you’re looking for something swanky, expensive, sleek, and extraordinary, we help you proudly enjoy the eye candy and drive in a loud, classy, luxury exotic car rental. 

We have a wide selection of luxurious and exotic cars available to rent to make any occasion memorable. If it is a special occasion, you’ll be arriving as if the red carpet is rolled out for you as heads turn. Let the exotic car rental set the stage with attitude and style as you make an entrance—something classy awaits. So reach out today and experience the thrill of an exotic car rental.

Why is BluStreet the best choice for exotic car rentals?

BluStreet exotics offers a superior car rental service with a wide variety of luxury, performance, and exotic cars. Our wide selection of breath-taking exotic car rentals offers you the top brands and models. We are passionate about each exotic car rental available as each one sets our clients up to win with an experience. But, it’s much more than a car rental service. You’re choosing to rent an exotic car for a special reason – you deserve the best, and we provide you with the best experience possible!

We cater to our clients with unmatched customer service, a wide selection of luxury and exotic vehicles and accommodate your special request for various events where you may need the exotic car rental to perform. So whether the exotic car is sitting still in a photoshoot, stealing the show for a minute in a video, transporting the wedding party or bride and groom, spending a day on the town behind the wheel of your dream exotic car, you’ll enjoy the thrill of being behind the wheel. At the same time, you make memories with one of our amazing exotic car rentals.

When dependability and reliability matter, choose BluStreet Exotics to deliver on time so you can make impressions and have fun driving an exotic rental car. Get in touch today to reserve your exotic car for your next event to stand out from the crowd!


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