Rolls Royce Ghost Rental

  • MSRP $330,000
  • 6.6L 12-Cyclinder
  • 624hp
  • (191 REVIEWS)
Starting At $1,599 Plus Tax


Rolls Royce Ghost is the ultimate expression of luxury and performance. With a unique, elegant design inspired by an aircraft wing, it takes on all expectations of the world’s most sophisticated passengers.

The Ghost is powered by an advanced twin-turbocharged 6.6L V12 engine that produces a massive 563 bhp (425 kW) and 696 Nm (520 lb ft) of torque to propel you from 0-62 mph in just 3.4 seconds, on to a top speed of 201 mph (325 km/h).

The Ghost is equipped with a full suite of safety features including autonomous emergency braking and adaptive cruise control, which can bring you to a complete stop at up to 32mph (51 km/h). When you rent a Rolls Royce Ghost in NY сity, you will always feel safe and secure, no matter the traffic or the weather.

Another standout feature of the Rolls Royce Ghost car rental is the design and comfort of all of the cabin’s seating. The Rolls Royce Ghost has the largest cabin of all Rolls Royce models, with a spacious and comfortable rear compartment, as well as a second-row of seats that can be folded up to create a larger cargo space. The Rolls Royce Ghost is the perfect vehicle for any special occasion, with the options of a rear-view camera and parking sensors to help you navigate the city with ease.

The Ghost car rental is perfect for a romantic drive with your partner in the evening, or if you are a business professional, it’s a great way to impress clients with your taste in transportation.

191 reviews for Rolls Royce Ghost

  1. Clara R. (verified owner)

    For our photoshoot, the Rolls Royce Ghost was the epitome of luxury. With BluStreet’s thorough and meticulous rental service, every shot was perfect. Truly grateful for their unmatched service.

  2. Marcus Z. (verified owner)

    Our wedding was a dream come true with the Rolls Royce Ghost as our chariot. BluStreet’s rental service was impeccable, ensuring the car was gleaming and ready for our big day.

  3. Diego V. (verified owner)

    I rented the Rolls Royce Ghost for a self-drive weekend, and it was pure elegance on wheels. BluStreet made the rental process so smooth and ensured the car was in pristine condition. Can’t recommend them enough!

  4. Rebecca F. (verified owner)

    Our corporate event was elevated with the rented Rolls Royce Ghost from BluStreet. The car was a representation of luxury, and BluStreet’s service was flawless throughout the rental process. A truly exceptional exotic rental experience!

  5. Isabella O. (verified owner)

    The Rolls Royce Ghost was the centerpiece of our music video, all thanks to BluStreet’s impeccable exotic rental service. Their dedication to perfection made our project truly shine.

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Rolls Royce Ghost Rental Requirements

Renter must be 21 and older

Must Have a Valid Drivers License

Must Have Valid matching Insurance

Customer Feedback

What our customers say about their experience

New York is such a busy city! I have been trying to find a good exotic car rental company for a while, and after much searching, I finally found BluStreet Exotics. I rented a Rolls Royce Ghost for my bachelor party and it was amazing. The car is beautiful and fast. It was a fantastic experience driving in the city and to the airport. You guys were a pleasure to work with, and I will definitely rent from you again.

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I’m so glad that I found BluStreet Exotics to rent a Rolls Royce Ghost in NYC! I was looking for a car for my wedding, and I wanted to make sure that the car was classy and elegant, which is exactly what I got with the Ghost. It was the perfect ride for my special day, and you guys were great to work with from the very beginning. Thank you so much for making it a great experience.

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I rented the Rolls Royce Ghost for my wedding day, and it was an amazing experience. My husband was so surprised by the Rolls Royce. The car has the perfect interior. It was a beautiful experience, and I would not hesitate to rent from you guys again. I have to say, you are the best exotic cars company in the city. You really know what your customers want.

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*Free Shuttle Available from Deer Park Train Station for Rolls Royce Ghost Rentals*

Frequently Asked Questions For Renting a Rolls Royce Ghost

Get answers to questions from other Rolls Royce Ghost rental customers

Where can I rent aRolls Royce Ghost in NY?

Lots of people want to rent a Rolls Royce Ghost in NY city for сatering, or for a business event. If you want to rent a Rolls Royce Ghost in New York, you should look for a reputable exotic car rental agency. You can find one that offers a car rental service in NY. Rolls Royce Ghost car rental is very famous because the car exhibits сlass and performance. Rolls Royce Ghost is the ultimate expression of luxury and performance. With a unique, elegant design inspired by an aircraft wing, it takes on all expectations of the world’s most sophisticated passengers. You can rent a Rolls Royce Ghost in NY from many сar rental companies. However, you must сheck the rates and the reviews of customers. It will be better to choose an agency that has a сustomer service to assist you. Remember to always сheck the credentials of the сar rental companies before you rent a Rolls Royce Ghost in NY city. 

BluStreet Exotics is one of the best choices for renting a Rolls Royce Ghost in NY city. We сertainly ensure that any customer will have a great and memorable experience renting a Rolls Royce Ghost in NY. We have a team of skilled customer service representatives who will answer all your questions in a timely manner. We can provide you with peace of mind when you rent a Rolls Royce Ghost in New York.

What are the requirements for aRolls Royce Ghost exotic car rental?

Looking to rent a luxury car while in NYC? The Rolls Royce Ghost is a fantastic option! Our dealership offers the Rolls Royce Ghost for rental to adults ages 21 and older. To rent a Rolls Royce Ghost, all you need is your driver’s license, proof of insurance, and a credit card. 

Renting a luxury car rental in NYC can be a great way to see the city, whether you’re coming for a special occasion or just an all-around getaway. Chances are, passengers love luxury cars because they want to experience the thrill of these vehicles. Many people appreciate not having to worry about parking during their stay in New York City as well. For these reasons, renting a luxury car is often the ideal choice for visitors.

What if I get a ticket while driving theRolls Royce Ghost rental car?

When you rent a Rolls Royce Ghost, you’re entitled to use these vehicles in the same way as you would your own vehicle. That means you can drive anywhere you want to, including city streets, highways, and on-ramps. However, you are responsible for any tickets you may receive. If you get any tickets while driving a Rolls Royce Ghost, you’ll have to pay for them.

No one wants to get a ticket when they’re driving a rental car, especially a luxury car like a Rolls Royce Ghost or a Mercedes-Benz. However, the majority of traffic violations occur because the driver is breaking a law that the driver was previously unaware of. This can happen anywhere in the world, but in the US, much of the existing traffic laws are actually state laws.  

Why is BluStreet the best choice to rent aRolls Royce Ghost?

Anyone who’s rented a Rolls Royce Ghost knows the experience can be unforgettable. But, choosing the right rental car company can make it even better. That’s why many of our customers come back to rent from us time and time again. We offer the Rolls Royce Ghost for rent in New York, and we make every effort to help you get the Rolls Royce Ghost that meets your needs. We’ll thoroughly explain the ins and outs of the Rolls Royce Ghost car rental, so you feel ready to drive this luxury car. Plus, you never have to worry about wearing out your welcome. We want you to enjoy your Rolls Royce Ghost to the fullest. We want you to feel like you’re driving your own Rolls Royce Ghost.

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