Cadillac Escalade Rental

  • MSRP $80,000
  • 6.2 L 8-Cyclinder
  • 420hp
  • (188 REVIEWS)
Starting At $549 Plus Tax


In the world of luxury and comfort on four wheels, the Cadillac Escalade stands tall as a symbol of opulence and state-of-the-art engineering. When you Rent a Cadillac Escalade, you are not just renting any car, you are stepping into a universe where every detail is designed for your comfort and pleasure. The Escalade boasts a robust 4.0 L 8-Cylinder engine that commands 500 horsepower, making every turn, acceleration, and cruise an experience in sheer power. Its majestic exterior coupled with an interior crafted for kings makes it the perfect car for those who appreciate the finer things in life. For those looking to make a statement in New York City, Long Island, The Hamptons, New Jersey, and Miami, BluStreet Exotic Car Rentals offers this luxurious beast, ensuring your journey is nothing short of extraordinary.

At BluStreet, we understand that luxury is not just about the car; it’s about the experience. That’s why when you choose to rent a Cadillac Escalade near me with us, you’re treated to a seamless rental experience that is as premium as the vehicle itself. Our Cadillac Escalade rentals are perfect for various occasions – whether you’re in need of corporate exotic car rental services to impress a client, or you want to make your wedding unforgettable by arriving in unparalleled style, BluStreet has got you covered. We also cater to more spirited adventures with our self-drive exotic car rentals, letting you take the helm of luxury.

Moreover, for those special moments that demand a touch of glamor such as music videos, photoshoots, or even grand events, BluStreet offers Cadillac Escalade cars for hire in New York City, The Hamptons, Long Island, New Jersey, and Miami. Our services ensure your event shines brighter, leaving an indelible mark on all those who witness the spectacle of luxury and elegance. Imagine the jaws dropping as you pull up in a Cadillac Escalade at your venue, the embodiment of sophistication and opulence shining through, making your event the talk of the town.

But our services aren’t just about providing you with a magnificent vehicle; they are about immersing you in an experience that’s unrivaled. Our team at BluStreet is dedicated to ensuring your every need is met, from the moment you inquire about a rental to the time you hand back the keys. Seeking to rent a Cadillac Escalade in the opulent neighborhoods of New York City, the lavish shores of Miami, or the serene landscapes of The Hamptons has never been easier or more satisfying. We pride ourselves on our ability to deliver not just a car, but a lifestyle that’s coveted by many but experienced by few.

As the leading provider of exotic car rentals in our service areas, BluStreet sets the bar high for luxury car rentals. We invite you to transcend the ordinary and step into a world of extraordinary luxury and prestige with a Cadillac Escalade rental. Whether it’s the breathtaking power, the sumptuous comfort, or the unmatched style you seek, the Escalade delivers on all fronts, and so do we. Join us on a journey of luxury, elegance, and unparalleled service as you navigate the roads of New York City, Long Island, The Hamptons, New Jersey, and Miami behind the wheel of a Cadillac Escalade. Rent with BluStreet today, and elevate your experience to one you’ll remember forever.

188 reviews for Cadillac Escalade

  1. Ava C. (verified owner)

    Rented the Cadillac Escalade for a family vacation and was truly impressed. BluStreet’s exquisite exotic rental service ensured a smooth drive throughout.

  2. Mia F. (verified owner)

    Using the Cadillac Escalade for our urban photoshoot was a masterstroke. BluStreet always delivers when it comes to pristine exotic rentals.

  3. Jacob B. (verified owner)

    The Cadillac Escalade was perfect for our corporate road trip. Renting this luxurious vehicle from BluStreet made our journey comfortable and classy.

  4. Jackson E. (verified owner)

    The Cadillac Escalade was our chariot for the wedding. With BluStreet’s reliable rental service, our special day felt even grander.

  5. Sophia D. (verified owner)

    The Escalade added the right amount of opulence to our music video. BluStreet’s dedicated rental service meant we had the car in prime condition throughout.

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Cadillac Escalade Rental Requirements

Renter must be 21 and older

Must Have a Valid Drivers License

Must Have Valid matching Insurance

Customer Feedback

What our customers say about their experience

I rented a Cadillac Escalade from BluStreet for my wedding in The Hamptons. The service was impeccable – the car was pristine and the booking process seamless. It truly added a touch of luxury to our special day. Highly recommend their services!

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For my latest music video in Miami, I went with BluStreet’s Cadillac Escalade. The vehicle was stunning and became an instant hit on set. The team’s professionalism and dedication to quality made all the difference. Will definitely use it again!

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BluStreet’s self-drive option let me enjoy the Cadillac Escalade through the scenic landscapes of New Jersey. The process was smooth, and the car performed beyond my expectations. It was a memorable weekend thanks to their excellent service and luxury offerings.

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*Free Shuttle Available from Deer Park Train Station for Cadillac Escalade Rentals*

Frequently Asked Questions For Renting a Cadillac Escalade

Get answers to questions from other Cadillac Escalade rental customers

Can I rent a Cadillac Escalade for a day trip around New York City or The Hamptons?

Absolutely, renting a Cadillac Escalade for a luxurious day trip around iconic locations such as New York City or the picturesque Hamptons is a stellar choice. Our services cater to those who wish to experience the blend of comfort, style, and power that the Cadillac Escalade offers. Whether you’re planning to explore the urban allure of NYC or the serene beaches of The Hamptons, our exotic car rentals near me option provides an unmatched travel experience. Our fleet is well-maintained and ready to elevate your day trip to an unforgettable adventure.

Moreover, our flexible rental options allow you to tailor your experience according to your schedule. If you’re considering Cadillac Escalade rentals in New York City or The Hamptons for a day, you can expect a seamless process from booking to drop-off. Our knowledgeable team is dedicated to ensuring your rental experience is hassle-free, offering recommendations and tips to make the most out of your journey in these iconic locations. Remember, the Cadillac Escalade is not just a mode of transportation; it’s your gateway to exploring the beauty of these areas in utmost luxury and comfort.

Are there any special requirements for renting a Cadillac Escalade in Miami or New Jersey?

When you’re looking to rent a Cadillac Escalade near Miami or New Jersey, it’s important to be aware of a few standard requirements to ensure a smooth rental experience. First and foremost, drivers must be at least 25 years of age and possess a valid driver’s license. A major credit card is also required to cover the security deposit, which is standard practice for exotic car rentals. Our aim is to make the Cadillac Escalade car for hire in these vibrant locales as accessible as possible while ensuring safety and responsibility.

Additionally, we encourage prospective renters to review their auto insurance policies or speak with their providers to confirm coverage for exotic car rentals. If your personal insurance doesn’t cover this specific type of vehicle, we offer various insurance options that can be extended to cover your rental period. This ensures that while you’re enjoying the luxury and performance of a Cadillac Escalade in Miami’s lively streets or New Jersey’s scenic routes, you’re fully protected. Our team is dedicated to making the rental process transparent and tailored to meet your requirements, providing peace of mind during your exquisite journey.

Can I use the Cadillac Escalade for a photoshoot or music video in Long Island?

Certainly! Our Cadillac Escalade is a popular choice for those looking to add a touch of sophistication and luxury to their photoshoots or music videos in Long Island. Its bold presence and elegant design make it a perfect backdrop or feature vehicle for any visual project aimed at leaving a lasting impression. Our Photoshoot and Music Video Exotic Car Rentals service ensures that the vehicle not only looks stunning but is also delivered to your desired location in Long Island, ready for the camera.

We understand the importance of details in creative projects, which is why our team is committed to ensuring the Cadillac Escalade you rent is in immaculate condition, fully detailed inside and out. We also offer flexible rental durations and competitive pricing to fit various project scopes and budgets. Whether it’s a sunrise shoot on the shores or a dynamic urban scene, adding a Cadillac Escalade from our exotic car rentals inventory will undoubtedly elevate the production value and aesthetic appeal of your photoshoot or music video in Long Island.

Do you offer chauffeured services with the Cadillac Escalade rentals in New Jersey and Miami?

Yes, we offer an exclusive chauffeured service for our Cadillac Escalade rentals in both New Jersey and Miami. This service is designed for clients who wish to indulge in the luxury of being driven by a professional chauffeur, allowing them to relax or focus on their business without the need to navigate through traffic. Whether you’re attending a high-profile event, a corporate meeting, or simply wish to enjoy a luxurious ride across the city, our chauffeured exotic car rentals near me service provides the perfect solution.

Our chauffeurs are highly experienced, knowledgeable about the area, and committed to providing discreet and professional service. We understand the importance of time and privacy for our clients, which is why our chauffeured Cadillac Escalade car for hire in Miami and New Jersey comes with the promise of punctuality and convenience. From the moment you book until your journey ends, you can expect a seamless and refined experience tailored to your personal preferences and schedule.

Is it possible to arrange a long-term rental for a Cadillac Escalade in The Hamptons or Long Island?

Yes, we cater to clients who wish for a longer engagement with our majestic Cadillac Escalade, providing long-term rental options in The Hamptons and Long Island. Whether you’re planning an extended vacation, a prolonged business trip, or need a luxurious vehicle for a special project, our team can tailor a rental package that meets your needs. Long-term rentals not only ensure that you have a high-performing, luxurious vehicle at your disposal for the duration of your stay but also offer the convenience of not worrying about the commitments that come with owning such a vehicle.

Understanding the varying needs of our clients, our long-term Cadillac Escalade rentals in The Hamptons and Long Island come with flexible terms and competitive rates. We aim to provide not just a vehicle but an unparalleled luxury experience that complements your lifestyle or business requirements. Additionally, our dedicated support team remains at your service to assist with any requests or adjustments throughout your rental period, ensuring your long-term engagement with us is comfortable, convenient, and above all, memorable.

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Take the road in style with an exotic car rental. Whether it’s a once-in-a-lifetime experience of enjoying the exhilaration that comes with this ride, an annual event, or business; our team at BluStreet will help you have the adventure you want in the exotic car rental of your dreams! We serve the greater NYC, Long Island, and NJ areas with exotic car rentals to meet your needs and exceed your expectations. When you rent exotic cars, you get to fulfill childhood dreams without taking on the payments or maintenance of owning a luxury or exotic car!

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